Thursday, 9 July 2009

Vintage Beginnings

Starting a blog is something I have been thinking about for a while. I am a total technophobe so it wasn't something I thought I would do but now that Mistress Vintage - my own little travelling fair of vintage inspired jewellery and past treasures - is in full swing with its own small following I have decided to take the plunge.

Under Mistress Vintage I produce one off items of jewellery incorporating vintage gems. I also make a line of vintage inspired pieces. I am now selling at one of the biggest vintage fairs in London, based in Hammersmith every month. Mistress Vintage is also stocked at Scarecrow in Crouch End (which is soon to open an online store) and Qetty Bang Bang a shop selling vintage and vintage inspired goodies in Gloucestershire. The shop is opening in September so look out for it am also on Etsy, although updating it is a slow process at the mo!

But for me Mistress Vintage isn't just about the jewellery its about the history and the wonderful stories that accompany each piece. The fantastic thing about vintage is the idea that the necklace or coat or bag you're wearing has had a fabulous life all of its own. It's been to places you haven't, heard secrets you don't know and may have been around a lot longer than you.

I'm embarrassed to pull out this dreadful cliche but for me Mistress Vintage really is about a lifestyle and so I decided to write this blog not just harp on about my own jewellery but to share fantastic little nuggets I collect as I go along. Working in tv I travel a good deal and have been privileged enough to see some incredible things. Some may also say I have a touch of OCD. I have a list for everything, art galleries, restaurants, cute little shops, hidden markets, great films, beautiful photographs, books full of magazine clippings, an obsessive collection of postcards, adorable pet shops and so it goes on. I try a bring a little of what I like from each of these places into Mistress Vintage. And if this all sounds terribly pretentious basically it boils down to the fact that I love shopping, cutsie little things, English teas, striking dresses, cake, sitting in the cinema, travelling, jumping up and down to some great music at the weekend, animals including my dog Monkey, and buying stuff !!

Hope you enjoy

Monkey the loudest snorer with the cutest face:

Pieces from "Time Flies" Collection - Mistress Vintage:


So for my first treasured nugget of info where else to start but at home. You must check out Sally Bourne My local shop is in Crouch End London and there is another in Muswell Hill. This place sells fantastic gifts, cute bits of one off vintage and a range of homewares that will make you dribble (I bought stuff here for my house before I even had a house!) Wander around this shop and you can't fail to spy something you won't be able to live without.

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