Sunday, 13 June 2010


So it’s been a busy couple of months here at Mistress Vintage. I have finally completed a photography course so hopefully MV pics will finally do justice to the pieces! I have also started a new job and am currently producing a documentary on cannibals in Papua New Guinea.....yes you heard me right! I am also producing a series looking at the most iconic structures in the world so I will be spending September in NY – so excited! Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up lots of vintage inspiration from across the pond.

Mistress Vintage was there for the opening of Land of Pash vintage fair a really enjoyable day. Queens of Vintage, a fantastic vintage blog, wrote an article on the fair featuring a picture of an MV piece – check it out here Land of pash have more events coming up soon so keep an eye on their website:

New pieces have been sent out to the Jolly Brown shop and Qetty Bang Bang and Scarecrow in Crouch End is now the first shop to stock the MV working watch bracelets – so head on over there for unique and gorgeous pieces!

But most excitingly of all the new Stag of Swag line has really taken off and is proving pretty popular so expect more from this high end. The pieces below are, complete one offs, fresh from the stag and available to buy on Etsy! Come take a look


I was watching Jools Holland the other week when Bobby Mcferrin came on. Most people will know Bobby for his most recognisable tune ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’. I knew a couple of his other tracks previously but didn’t really know his material. His performance of Drive really is amazing. A performer from the early days of beat boxing Bobby’s performances, particularly when alone are fantastic and funny. Check out Drive on youtube.