Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hidden Treasures

So it’s been a busy time here at MV. July saw Mistress Vintage visit the usual market spots of Hitchin Fair and Hammersmith fair. As always thanks for those of you who turned up to say hi and I hope you're enjoying your purchases.

Things have been super busy in my wonderful world of telly with the crew returning from filming in Papua New Guinea today. Now I’ll be completely consumed with the latest National Geographic series working in Paris and New York for 6 weeks! A bit of a pain considering we will have just have moved into our new house in North London which we are renovating and filling with vintage treasures, but definitely a good trip for inspiration for new MV ideas!

Perhaps there will be some great books to rummage through because here at Mistress Vintage we have branched out into new goodies for the first time. Now you can purchase the perfect gift in the perfect package or failing that just get yourself a treasure all of your own. MV is now doing vintage tea cups filled with a piece of jewellery of your choice, packaged in super cute polka dot cellophane and finished with a gorgeous ribbon.

For those of you among you who prefer something a little more rustic there is a great range of vintage tins from Oxo to throat pastilles which can house your purchase and can be wrapped in ribbon – a brilliant and unexpected way of delivering a gift. Or my own personal favourite: hollowed out vintage books. These books have gone down a storm. Hollowed out to hold a gift, piece of MV jewellery or just any secrets of your own you wish to hide, they are decorated inside and out with vintage images, ribbons and oddities - put together by hand over several painstaking hours... To purchase please check out the MV Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/mistressvintage or rather excitingly they will shortly be in at a brand new stockist, the lovely Dressing Room Boutique in Hitchin: http://www.dressingroomboutique.net/

Also if anyone can help please do contact me. At Hammersmith Vintage Fair this month a lady purchased several books from me and explained she was going to stock them at Jane Bourgeis or Jenson and Ballentyne – both of which rang a bell with me but when I searched for these shops I can’t find them physically or on the net. She explained they were Ladbroke Grove way – anyone know these shops? If so please contact me on mistressvintage@hotmail.com – this would be really appreciated.


If like us you are looking for something unique for your house or simply love ogling vintage wonders make your way down to Kempton Race Course Sunbury Antiques. Held two Tuesdays every month we finally made our way down there, only to be overwhelmed by endless beautiful and affordable items and oddities. Such crazy and inspiring stuff – definitely worth a wander! http://www.kemptonantiques.com/

Sunday, 13 June 2010


So it’s been a busy couple of months here at Mistress Vintage. I have finally completed a photography course so hopefully MV pics will finally do justice to the pieces! I have also started a new job and am currently producing a documentary on cannibals in Papua New Guinea.....yes you heard me right! I am also producing a series looking at the most iconic structures in the world so I will be spending September in NY – so excited! Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up lots of vintage inspiration from across the pond.

Mistress Vintage was there for the opening of Land of Pash vintage fair a really enjoyable day. Queens of Vintage, a fantastic vintage blog, wrote an article on the fair featuring a picture of an MV piece – check it out here http://www.queensofvintage.com/land-of-pash/2. Land of pash have more events coming up soon so keep an eye on their website: http://www.landofpash.co.uk/

New pieces have been sent out to the Jolly Brown shop and Qetty Bang Bang and Scarecrow in Crouch End is now the first shop to stock the MV working watch bracelets – so head on over there for unique and gorgeous pieces!

But most excitingly of all the new Stag of Swag line has really taken off and is proving pretty popular so expect more from this high end. The pieces below are, complete one offs, fresh from the stag and available to buy on Etsy! Come take a look http://www.etsy.com/shop/mistressvintage


I was watching Jools Holland the other week when Bobby Mcferrin came on. Most people will know Bobby for his most recognisable tune ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’. I knew a couple of his other tracks previously but didn’t really know his material. His performance of Drive really is amazing. A performer from the early days of beat boxing Bobby’s performances, particularly when alone are fantastic and funny. Check out Drive on youtube.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

C'est Bon

So excited I nearly wet myself here at MV (luckily I managed to stop myself). This April's issue of InStyle, one of my favourite magazines, ran a feature called Best of British Talent. In this article was the fabulously stylish and lovely model, Amber Le Bon, sporting none other than one of our Stage of Swag vintage pocket watch necklaces. Amber bought this lovely goodie from MV at PA vintage fair and it seems she also wore her new purchase to the MA catwalk show for London College of Fashion. The Stag of Swag line, for those of you who don't know, is MV's new high end line of unique pieces using antiques and the most special one off pieces. The Stage is proving quite a hit so check out his stylish finds.

Vintage pocket watch on Miss Le Bon's necklace

Here at Mistress Vintage we have been busy little bees and new stock has been sent to Jolly Brown - so get down there if you fancy some new vintage wonders! And more exciting news - Hurrah, Mistress Vintage will finally be opening properly on Etsy. Photography skills finally in check, courtesy of the London School of Photography, MV can now post decent photos which means you can actually see what you're getting! Lovely vintage goodies will be coming to you by the end of the week ready to satisfy all those buying urges. For those of you who have been frustrated by visiting an empty page after meeting at fairs, apologies, but now you can buy away 'til your heart's content!

Goodies available at Jolly Brown and Etsy:

For those of you who want to meet in person, Mistress Vintage will be getting stuck into a new fair this weekend in Essex. Vintage Vogue will be taking place in Brentwood this Sunday 28th from 10am-4pm. With lots of vintage sellers and the new Vintage tea rooms serving scrummy cream teas it shouldn't be missed! http://www.essexvintagefashionfair.com/


MV was very excited (again) to be asked by the lovely Sonia Allen to lend some pieces for a photo shoot. Aside from being a MV fav customer, who regularly buys us out of house and home, Sonia is also a very talented, qualified makeup artist. Sonia is available to do all kinds of events and add that extra sparkle to your special day. She can be contacted on sonia.allen25@gmail.com

Sunday, 28 February 2010

All Change

Thank you so much to all those of you who came to the Harpenden fair and who came to the usual Hammersmith event during Fashion week. It was lovely to see some familiar faces.

Now I have some changes to report. The Land of Pash Fair has put its dates back. Apparently sellers have been knocking down the door and clamouring to get involved, so due to the demand the Land of Pash have pushed back their launch to April 11th. But never fear Mistress Vintage will still be out in force but at Hitchin vintage fair on March 7th instead (follow up to the fantastic Harpenden fair) http://www.hertfordshire-vintage-fairs.com/come along and check it out at the Hitchin Town Hall - opens at 10am.
Following that, MV will be at the Hammersmith PA vintage fair on the 21st http://www.pa-antiques.co.uk/and at Vintage Vogue in Brentwood Essex at the Courage Hall on March 28th http://www.essexvintagefashionfair.com/
More exciting news; Jolly Brown has just launched the MV collection at their shop in Hitchin. This collection is slightly different to the normal time pieces with cute pistols. soaring swallows and funky skulls. Go to the website and check out the shop, they have plenty of fab vintage finds!!

Stuck for style inspiration, bored with identikit outfits you see in magazines? MV heads to Facehunter. Fashion blogs are nothing new and journalists regularly turn to fab bloggers like Susie Bubble for inspiration, but Facehunter has to be my favourite. This blogspot is great because it's essentially just Rodic's visual diary of a range of outfits on everyday people in the street - the result is eccentric, inspiring and thankfully often practical outfit options!