Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Stag of Swag and Fairs Galore

Hooray, good news MV will be showing this weekend at Harpenden Vintage fair: http://www.hertfordshire-vintage-fairs.com/ This is the first of many Harpenden fairs to come and looks set to be a great day for all vintage lovers. So put it in your diary - this Sunday 31st 2010 and go for a drive. Get out of the city and see what bargains Harpenden has to offer that you wouldn't get in town.

And more exciting news on the fair front, Mistress Vintage has become a resident of the Land of Pash: http://www.landofpash.co.uk/ This vintage fair, or should I say country, is a new venture opening in Tower Bridge in March. MV will be marching down there and laying out our wares on March 7th so be there or miss out on some vintage wonders.

Speaking of wonders, Mistress Vintage is opening a new line. So often I would come across a stunning antique pocket watch or some other fabulous curiosity, but turn them away thinking they were too costly. The result was me in tears whilst someone else got their paws on these gorgeous items! And so the Stag of Swag has come to the rescue. Charging in and using his stylish horns to butt out all those who stand between him and stunning vintage finds, the stag is now contributing to a high end and exclusive line for Mistress Vintage. Expect to salivate over antique fob watches, luscious vintage keys and one off pieces you can't live without!

Thank you to all those who came to the regular Hammersmith fair last week, it was nice to see you all. Expect to see MV in Hammersmith for the February fair. It's fashion week so you simply can't afford to miss out darling.


Getting into the spirit of fashion week my words of wisdom this week are... Tim Walker. He is my favourite fashion photographer, make that favourite photographer full stop. He takes the most fantastic, whimsical, and beautiful photos. With an amazing sense of the surreal, downright bizarre and somehow brilliant sense of British eccentricity I have never fallen in love with so many photos taken by a single photographer. Vogue has recently reported that Tim has a new exhibition coming up shortly but if you can't wait til then, do as I did and get his big book of 'Pictures'!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Mistress Vintage Goes Wild

Apologies to all those who thought I was probably lying dead in a gutter somewhere. The truth behind my mysterious disappearance is that I have been travelling to some seriously remote locations with no way of communicating.....nightmare. But the exciting bit is that I've been in deepest darkest Canada and the rainforest in Australia producing a huge and exciting new series with David Attenborough. We had an incredible time flying endless choppers around the Canadian Rockies before heading all over Oz. We boiled in the outback, got soaked in the tropical rainforests of North Queensland and burnt on Heron Island, an island paradise in the middle of the Barrier Reef, but working with my incredible crew and such a legend has definitely been the highlight of my career by miles so far. This is me below with our cameraman wading out with camera equipment to Wistari Reef sandbar (excuse the sweatiness and horribly white legs). The sandbar is exposed once a day, and disappears pretty quickly. We decided to shoot on this tiny bit of sand in the middle of nowhere, where boats can barely reach and there's nothing but water and sharks for miles around!

Now that I'm back I'm pleased to report that the Craftaholics fair was a great success and loads of fun. The other sellers had some unique and beautiful offerings and we kept our spirits up by cooing over all the lovely things and consuming bucket loads of tea. Thank you to everyone who came down to see Mistress Vintage, and to my gorgeous pal Amy was a trooper on the day and kept me from crying by stuffing me with cake when I emerged from the fair to find I had a whopping great parking ticket! Another showbiz lady Anna Popplewell, Lucy from the Narnia films, has joined the ranks of MV fans when she purchased a time piece necklace. Clearly the whimsical feel I try and put into the collections appeal to the ladies in fantasy film!

For those keen to get their hands on new pieces, QettyBangBang, which has now opened its new fabulous website http://www.qettybangbang.co.uk/ and Scarecrow in Crouch End have just taken a new delivery from MV....so run along and check them out...time pieces galore....tick tock!

MV will also be expanding its horizons and joining new vintage fairs soon, so keep tuning in to find out where and when I will next be showing. Hope to see you all soon xx

I recently came across an absolute gem of a website called Queens of Vintage http://www.queensofvintage.com/. This vintagetastic website gives all kinds of tips about styling, events, interiors - everything you could possibly want to know about how to live the perfect vintage life. My favourite part is the top 100 vintage queens where people send in pictures of themselves and are judged on how fabulous they are. Also the little queen on the screen videos which show delicious old clips of the ultimate vintage divas is inspiring and if not will just make you smile. So click on and maybe you might be tempted to enter yourself as a vintage queen!