Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Asos Marketplace!

So big things have been happening at here at mistress vintage of late. As every family member (including me) and apparently everyone else I know has their birthday in April or May I’ve eaten more Asian meals than medically recommended and had a bloody lovely time whilst doing it! I’ve single handedly kept Selfridges in business buying presents and am knackered from endless calls for 'just one more' at 3 in the morning whilst knowing getting home, sleeping and getting to work in time is probably only possible with some kind of time warp machine.

But who's complaining. On the work front I've now crossed over to the dark side of entertainment and am working for non other than Simon cal on a 'top secret project' – more on that later.

So Mistress Vintage Jewellery has been left by the wayside I hear you say. Not so for these are exciting times! MV is now stocked by the lovely Miranda at the newly opened Atom Heart in Wales alongside Tatty Divine.Sophie at the Boutique Dressing Room has just received a new order of gold and silver charm bracelets and the Scarecrow Boutique in Crouch End is now stocking working watch cluster necklaces due to requests! Go check them all out!

Mistress Vintage will also be at the fabulous Jumble and Pearls vintage fair in the Light Bar in Shoreditch. This lovely fair will have a great mixture of sellers, food, and awesome djs so come down and say hello! Details are here on facebook http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=189444357758798

But most of exciting of all is that Mistress Vintage is now up and running on Asos Marketplace yeh! As someone who essentially has to run her life online Asos is a godsend but Asos marketplace is a total joy. For something so mainstream to open their doors to independent designers and individuals and be so accessible is just great. There are fab new designs and vintage gens to be found on marketplace and I'm so pleased to be part of it.

But marketplace pieces have to be sold with street photography so a couple of weeks ago the lovely make up artist Sonia Allen, my bestie composer and singer extraordinaire Mel Hammond and I trooped off to east London where we subjected Mel to the freezing elements half dressed at times and snapped away. The results were better than I could have hoped for and don't worry Mel’s frostbite was held a bay with the aid of cake! The ladies were fantastic and the results are on Asos Marketplace now so please support MV and check it out.

Don't forget you can purchase items, order commissions and join in the fun at MV on etsy
And we are now up on facebook so come along and join the group for offers and the latest news. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mistress-Vintage-Jewellery/129727697092939


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