Sunday, 28 February 2010

All Change

Thank you so much to all those of you who came to the Harpenden fair and who came to the usual Hammersmith event during Fashion week. It was lovely to see some familiar faces.

Now I have some changes to report. The Land of Pash Fair has put its dates back. Apparently sellers have been knocking down the door and clamouring to get involved, so due to the demand the Land of Pash have pushed back their launch to April 11th. But never fear Mistress Vintage will still be out in force but at Hitchin vintage fair on March 7th instead (follow up to the fantastic Harpenden fair) along and check it out at the Hitchin Town Hall - opens at 10am.
Following that, MV will be at the Hammersmith PA vintage fair on the 21st at Vintage Vogue in Brentwood Essex at the Courage Hall on March 28th
More exciting news; Jolly Brown has just launched the MV collection at their shop in Hitchin. This collection is slightly different to the normal time pieces with cute pistols. soaring swallows and funky skulls. Go to the website and check out the shop, they have plenty of fab vintage finds!!

Stuck for style inspiration, bored with identikit outfits you see in magazines? MV heads to Facehunter. Fashion blogs are nothing new and journalists regularly turn to fab bloggers like Susie Bubble for inspiration, but Facehunter has to be my favourite. This blogspot is great because it's essentially just Rodic's visual diary of a range of outfits on everyday people in the street - the result is eccentric, inspiring and thankfully often practical outfit options!