Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Potter Jewels!!

So some exciting news here at Mistress Vintage. At the last PA antiques fair in Hammersmith, Isabella Laughland, who plays Leanne in the new Harry Potter film, bought 3 necklaces. After spending quite a lot of time deciding Izzie eventually settled on a long butterfly necklace with a cute revamped 70s clip on earring, a gorgeous long gold necklace made with vintage brooch with a black stone setting and a long gold necklace with heart pendant and pearls running through one side of the chain. However, she was still torn as she fell in love with a cute little necklace with a lovely je t'aime charm on it. Seeing as how she couldn’t bear to part with it I took the charm and added it to her heart necklace. Izzie wore the necklaces grouped together Alexa Chung style to jazz up her simple white dress which she wore to the Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince premiere.

Isabella Laughland

I have to confess I am a bit of a Harry Potter fan. Every year 2 of my uni friends follow tradition and watch the latest film wherever we are in the world, so next week I’m trundling off to Brighton for some Potter fun. It’s very exciting to know that Mistress Vintage has had a small part in Potter mania! If anyone comes across any pictures of Izzie Laughland at the Potter premiere please do send to Mistress Vintage as I’d love to have a photo – mistressvintage@hotmail.com

With regards to the latest stock there has been a bit of a development here at Mistress Vintage. Most people are very keen on MV time pieces – made with recycled vintage watch parts. However lots of people have been asking me for pieces with working watch faces. The very nature of vintage means that my pieces don’t work but in response to this call for working watches I am currently working on a new range of cute beaded bracelets made with vintage oddities, bead and brooches and yup you guessed it working watches! Pictures to follow soon.

On the Etsy front thanks to the help of a director I worked with for some time and my saviour - my appallingly bad shots have been transformed with photoshop and new items will be posted next week so keep your eyes peeled!

One of the latest additions to be added to Etsy


My nugget for today is all about food. There are few things in life that I love as much as cake. Having a little brother who is much younger afforded me with a lot of party bag opportunities in my teenage years. Nothing was quite as exciting as finding an unattended goody bag on his return from a party and sneaking out a slightly wilting piece of Thomas the tank engine sponge cake with bits of napkin stuck to it. My love of cake is definitely child like. I much prefer a cup cake to a slab of grown up chocolate cake and my feeling about sweets are the same. I love a traditional sweet shop selling flying saucers and shrimp and things with enough e numbers in them to kill a small elephant. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across Candy Cakes. The window of this shop is adorned with cakes covered in neon bright icing and topped with fantastic kiddy sweets. Raspberry and white chocolate cup cakes topped with flumps or apple cakes with bright green icing topped with jellies. All come in cute little pink printed bags or a sweet little box for gift giving.

Now if I didn’t put on weight just by looking at cake then I’m sure I would exist on a diet of little more than Victoria sponge but given my lack of control when it comes to the good stuff I generally steer clear. But after constantly walking past this shop finally I broke last week and treated myself to a fluorescent, flump topped number. I won’t lie – this isn’t the best cake I’ve ever had but for cute, quaint, quirky appeal you can’t beat it. Candy Cakes http://www.candycakes.eu/

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