Sunday, 18 December 2011

Folksy Crimbo Competition

So Folksy are running an Xmas competition. Entries have to be comprised of items from the lovely Folksy sellers based on theme 'Christmas is Coming'. So I thought with Christmas on the way what better than to get ready with Folksy for a handmade Christmas party!

Start by sending out the invites - make sure Santa knows where to go...

Decorate and string out the lights!

Bust out the Christmas (cup)cake and drinks (although if you drink too much your vision might get a bit blurry!)

And party on with games

At the end of the night hand out your party bags & gifts and get to the washing up - although easier to do when you have a lovely hand made tea towel to do the drying up with!

Mistress Vintage sells on the lovely Folksy too - so stop by and say hi

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